! INSTRUCTIONS (Only for Nokia 3210, 3310, 3330) !

Please read the instructions below for how to use the mobile tunes.

Here, you'll find all the information you need to help you get the tune you want for your mobile phone from. First read the general information below.

General Information

The keypad of your Nokia phone is used to enter the notes, and change their duration and pitch.
8 shortens the note
9 lengthens the note
* changes the octave (1,2,3)
0 insertes a rest (pause)
# changes the note to a sharp

First of all decide which tune you want to enter onto your phone.When you have chosen the tune you want, select it and it will open in a sepearate, smaller window.

The codes on the 123webwizard.8m.net/mobiletunes/ site are displayed using the numbers 0 - 9, as well as # (hash) and * (star) and alphabetic. These represent (obviously!) the keys on your phone. Once you are in the Composer function on your phone (see below) all you do is type in the digits as is displayed on the site. What you type in is not what is displayed on your phone! The lines of numbers should correspond with the display on your phone - when you get to the end of a line in the code it will be the end of the line on your phone (NOTE: sometimes this won't work out but for 99.9% of the time it will!). Underneath the tune is the Tempo. This is a guide as to what speed to set the tune at, although you can set it to whatever you like!
Some codes feature the phrase P&H followed by a number. This means Press and Hold that particular number until a dot (.) appears between the length and the note.

Example ():

( )= hold appropriate key until a dot appears in the note.


If the code said 0 P&H3 2
You would type 0 (zero) then press and hold down the 3 key, and then press 2
This would be displayed on your phone as 4- 4.e1 4d1
Sometimes, if you are not careful the phone will enter one of these extended notes if you've held the key down for too long accidentally. Make sure that thes notes only appear where you see P&H.
Some of the tunes begin with a 0 (zero), although this can be ommitted as it is there only as an extra pause at the start of the tune and really serves no other function.

If you want to learn more. Drop an email at: tunemaster@123webwizard.8m.net