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In this section, I have only listed a few of my projects related to Web design/Graphic desgin...

Web Design >
AVAZ NETWORKS (Enabling Technologies official Site)
Cyber Networks Inc.
Military College Of Signals - NUST
S-tech (Q-MATIC)
Sample design for AVAZ/Enabling Technologies website
Sample 2
Animation >
Award winning animation made with Flash-REALTIME graphics
Password Gate > flash movies for FLASHKIT.com > hot downloads <

Version1 > Authenticationv1.0
Version2 > Password Gate v1.0
Version3max > Password Gate v2.0


Software GUI >

AVAZ SIP Phone. A Softphone GUI designed for AVAZ SIP Phone. This GUI recieved praises internationally on forums for its unique Softphone GUI. Click here to watch a snapshot of this software and its specs.



Graphics >
Official WALLPAPERS designed for AVAZ/Enabling Technologies.


Graphics > Print >
Brochure Designed for eTel, Islamabad Pakistan.
Brochure's designed for a CyberNetworks Inc, USA.
Cover designed for PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) Magazine for E-Tel, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Logo design >
Cyber Networks Inc. USA.
Engineering Educational Trust, Islamabad, Pakistan (EET).
Center for Advanced Studies In Engineering (CASE), Islamabad, Pakistan.
ETEL, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Technical Associates, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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